Apple Watch

My Apple Watch arrived a few days ago and I find myself using it more than anticipated. The decision to purchase it was primarily based on my need for a hands on device for use with development. Apple made development tools available shortly after announcing the Apple Watch, but it proved difficult to get a good feel for what the device was capable off within the simulator. Owning one is really the only way to understand how to design apps that leverage it well.

When the package arrived, I was surprised at how large it was. I didn’t expect it to arrive in a long box because Apple products tend to be fitted to minimally sized boxes. It is weird that the smallest Apple product I own also came in one of their largest boxes. Out of the box, the watch exceeded my expectations in terms of both look and feel. Pairing it with the phone was amazingly easy. The dynamic pattern it displays for the phone to read using its camera is a bit over the top, and, admittedly, also very cool.

I’ve worn the watch every day since it arrived to gauge how practical it really is, and surprisingly, it has gotten a lot of use. When I ordered it, I feared its features were too gimmicky and that I would quickly go back to not wearing a watch at all. Turns out everything I tried with it works very well, and its capabilities come in handy. Sometimes it is less than convenient to access your phone; like when I’m walking the dog. The watch has proven itself handy for quickly reading and dictating replies to text messages. Convenient access to the iPhone has definitely been the watch’s largest benefit at this point and I think that is why I can’t come up with a compelling reason for why anyone needs an Apple Watch; however, it is clear that it complements the iPhone’s capabilities in a substantial and worthwhile way and we’re just seeing the beginning of what can be done.

Based on what I’ve already experienced, the Apple Watch has a future and will become even more capable as Apple opens up more of its APIs for use by developers. I’ll provide some insights from an App development perspective after I have spent more time with the tooling.

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